if you think we are big lam3rs
you'."'".'re wrong.
'."'".'cause we'."'".'re much bigger.
'; } if (isset($_GET['q'])) $q=strtolower($_GET['q']); else $q = ''; switch($q){ case'demoscn': echo' '; for($i=2002;$i<=2007;$i++) echo' '; lamers(); break; case'games': echo' '; $a=array(1997,1999,2000,2001,2006); for($i=0;$i '; lamers(); break; case'members':case'crs':case'domotor':case'k3nny':case'nooly':case'raist':case'shakul': echo' '; $a=array('crs','domotor','k3nny','nooly','raist','shakul'); for($i=0;$i '; if($q=='members')lamers();else{ $a=array( 'crs'=>'Who would say that now when I am much
older I would get to be fond of the
thing due to which I came to welfare?', 'domotor'=>'I'."'".'m pigged from a marrowoman measured
by existence and upraised by creation.', 'k3nny'=>'I became master of disaster when
I saw whole universe with all its
basic elements the elephants.', 'nooly'=>'I was born at the age of 0. I'."'".'m living
at home and that'."'".'s all i want to reveal...', 'raist'=>'I became evil no sooner than I crowled out
of the hole. I won'."'".'t talk to you!', 'shakul'=>'When I roamed the prehistoric ocean 380
millions years ago I actually resembled
fish but with ears legs and a voice.'); echo'

'; } break; case'':case'root': echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo''; lamers(); break; case'd2002':case'nosense':case'soul': $i=2002; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2002')lamers(); else echo'
'.($q=='nosense'?'NOSENSE OF THE ART':'SOUL').'


'.($q=='nosense'?'nooly&domotor coop on their first demopaja demo ever... a bit crappy but hey!':'k3nny made this little 64k intro for sdc02
demoparty. btw, it'."'".'s our first 64k ever!').'
'; break; case'd2003':case'drop': $i=2003; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2003')lamers(); else echo'


other k3nny'."'".'s 64k intro with nice, simple
effects and heavy music.
'; break; case'd2004':case'headshot':case'voyage': $i=2004; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2004')lamers(); else echo'
'.($q=='headshot'?'HEADSHOT':'VOYAGE AGE').'


'.($q=='headshot'?'nooly'."'".'s demo for a french demoparty, it was
made in just few nights (and came last =)':'atmospheric demo with nice feeling
and come cool effects...').'
'; break; case'd2005':case'yachg': $i=2005; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2005')lamers(); else echo'


beautiful christmas demo for TuMo5
demoparty. requires ps2.o...
'; break; case'd2006':case'c_gas':case'mnorris':case'qikhak':case'zamrsk':case'osb': $i=2006; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2006')lamers();else{ $a=array('osb'=>'ONE SHORT BEEP','c_gas'=>'CORROSIVE GAS','mnorris'=>'MACNORRIS','qikhak'=>'QIKHAK','zamrsk'=>'ZAMRSK'); echo'


'; $a=array('osb'=>'distorted typography in motion','c_gas'=>'experiment in filtering, contains
strange, distorted music.','mnorris'=>'made especially for buenzli15 surprise
compo, Angus fights Chuck! yikes!','qikhak'=>'a 64k intro, 100% buenzli15 party coding!
made by shakul & nooly.','zamrsk'=>'a 64k intro made for bzoom06 party
in train from Prague to Brno.'); echo$a[$q].'
'; } break; case'd2007':case'pahorek': $i=2007; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='d2007')lamers(); else echo'


slow voyage through time and space
'; break; case'g1997':case'city': $i=1997; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='g1997')lamers(); else echo'


our very first DOS game, quite fun
to play for couple of hours..
'; break; case'g1999':case'bhovno': $i=1999; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='g1999')lamers(); else echo'


a funny text game for boring sunday
afternoon. in czech language only!
'; break; case'g2000':case'blektrek': $i=2000; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='g2000')lamers(); else echo'


a famous startrek parody, lots of fun
playing this game (in czech only)!
'; break; case'g2001':case'hpef': $i=2001; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='g2001')lamers(); else echo'


quick-made game just for fun.
kill all the chickens!
'; break; case'g2006':case'tvman': $i=2006; echo' '; echo' '; echo' '; if($q=='g2006')lamers(); else echo'


nice retro game, walk through all 15
levels, fight for your beloved one!
'; break; default: $i=-1; echo''; } switch($q){ case'demoscn':echo''; break; case'games': echo''; break; case'members':case'crs':case'domotor':case'k3nny':case'nooly':case'raist':case'shakul': echo''; break; case'd2002':case'd2003':case'd2004':case'd2005':case'd2006':case'd2007': case'nosense':case'soul':case'drop':case'headshot':case'voyage':case'yachg':case'c_gas':case'mnorris':case'qikhak':case'zamrsk':case'osb':case'pahorek': echo''; break; case'g1997':case'g1999':case'g2000':case'g2001':case'g2006':case'g2007': case'city':case'bhovno':case'blektrek':case'hpef':case'tvman': echo''; break; default: echo''; } ?>